Jeans for Real People (Digital Edition)


Learn to Fit and Sew Jeans for Your Body!

featuring Marta Alto

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Pati Palmer, McCall’s Fit Expert, has been designing jeans patterns for McCall’s since the 1980s. Marta Alto has perfected sewing jeans details. Together they show you how to achieve the look and fit you want, beginning with the right size pattern. (3hrs)

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Tissue Fit your Jeans to Perfect Fit!

Jeans for Real People: A Peek Inside the Video

Learn the latest way to tissue-fit your jeans pattern: first tissue-fit like any pant, then give it the “jeans fit” in fabric—all before you do any sewing. 

See jeans in many fabrics (Marta’s favorite: all-bias jeans!) and learn about fabric selection and preshrinking, notions needed, and topstitching threads. 

Watch Marta sew a pair of jeans from start to finish, including jeans details and how they go together, plus seam options–flat-felled or mock flat-felled. Whether your figure type is full, petite, or curvy, you’ll see how to fit YOUR body.

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3 Hours, English Language • 9 Videos + 1 PDF

Choosing Jeans Fabrics and Styles

Jeans Fly Front Zipper

Sewing Jeans Details

Fitting Jeans as you Sew

"Jeans for Real People" is...


■ Tissue-Fit the Jeans Pattern
■ First Fabric Fitting—Get the “Jeans Fit” Before Sewing
■ Front Pockets
■ Fly Front Zipper
■ Back Patch Pockets and Yoke
■ Second Fabric Fitting for Crotch Fit
■ Topstitching Inseams and Crotch Seam


■ Finishing Details: Waistband, Hem, and Belt Carriers,
■ Button, Buttonhole, and Rivets
■ Marta’s Jeans in Many Fabrics
■ Most Common Jeans Alterations Summary
■ Fitting Amanda—A Young and Petite Figure
■ Fitting Heather—Full Hips, Small Waist


Learn how you vary from a standardized pattern and alter the tissue to fit you using the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method. After watching Marta at work, you’ll be able to customize patterns so your handmade garments look and feel awesome.

Bonus Class PDF: Course Chapter List

This digital edition includes a Course Chapter List which you can download and print for easy reference.  

Video Class Instructors: Pati Palmer & Marta Alto

Pati Palmer has been teaching sewing for 37 years and is the founder of the Palmer/Pletsch International School of Sewing in Portland, Oregon, training consumers and sewing educators. Pati is the author or co-author of 10 sewing books and editor/publisher of 20 more books and 18 how-to videos, as well as the creator of eight Palmer/Pletsch sewing notion products. Based in Portland, Oregon, Pati has produced more than 220 sewing patterns for the McCall Pattern Company as well as Vogue Patterns.

Marta Alto - Sewing Instructor & Author - Palmer Pletsch Digital

Marta Alto’s sewing experience stems from her study of home economics at Oregon State University, combined with several seasons sewing costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Marta is co-author with Pati Palmer of The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting, Pants for Real People, and Jackets for Real People. She stars in most Palmer/Pletsch DVDs. During the past 30 years she has taught sewing throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. See our workshop pages for the four-day Fit workshops Marta teaches.

This video is a companion to our book Fit and Sew Custom Jeans.


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