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Marta Alto shows you how to fit, cut, mark, and sew two styles of shirts. One has a collar with a band, the other a convertible (fold back or button up) collar. She covers fit, fabrics, choosing the right interfacing, sleeve placket and cuffs, hems, and buttonholes. Marta can make a quality shirt in two hours or less. Each one you make will be faster and easier to sew! (2 hr 7mins)

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Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse: A Peek Inside the Video

Sew that perfect fit every time!

Marta Alto teaches everything you need for that custom fit made to order look in your shirt or blouse.  Step by step instructions in how to produce blouses that accentuate your body shape with tips and tricks in how to get that pefect fit.

Marta demonstrates how to modify a pattern to suit your shape as she works between the fitting, cutting, sewing and finishing of a shirt or blouse.

Special attention is paid to finishing techniques as well as working with more difficult fabrics such as ‘slippery fabrics’.

If you are looking for that perfect fit for your shape, follow along as you Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse with Marta Alto.


1.3 GB Storage Space required for Full Download

2 Hours, English Language • 7 Videos + 4 PDFs

Tissue-fit a Shirt Pattern

Interfacing a Shirt

Sewing Buttonholes on a Shirt

Alter a Shirt Pattern to Fit & Sewing Slippery Fabrics

"Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse" is...


  • Fit a shirt pattern
  • High round shirt back
  • Full busted Shirts
  • Altered Shirt patterns
  • Fit the shirt sleeve
  • Painless placket sleeve for shirts
  • Cut the shirt fabric
  • Interfacing for Shirts
  • Shirt Seam finishes
  • Front facing finishes
  • Easy Serger French binding
  • Slippery Fabrics and Fitted Sleeves

  • Quick Sewing Order for Shirts
  • Sewing collar with a band
  • Sewing cuff to sleeve
  • Topstitching Shirts
  • Hemming a Shirt
  • Sewing Buttonholes on a shirt
  • Using a Serger when sewing a Shirt
  • Sewing a Button on a Shirt
  • Variations for Shirts, Blouses and Dresses

    Learn how you vary from a standardized pattern and alter the tissue to fit you using the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method. After watching Marta at work, you’ll be able to customize patterns so your handmade garments look and feel awesome!

    Bonus Class Materials: Palmer/Pletsch Guides to PerfectFuse, PerfectFuse Sheer, and the Body Map Pattern Alteration Workshsheet

    The Body Map Pattern Alternation Worksheet is designed to work with our M6750 Blouse / Shirt Pattern and includes adjustments for full bust, high round back, very round back, narrow and sway/flat backs and sleeve/arm length adjustments.   

    fusible interfacings from Palmer Pletsch come in a variety of weights and weaves.  This 5-page detailed guide will assist you in understanding which fusing to buy and where and how to use them in your projects. Also included is our How to Use Palmer/Pletsch PerfectFuse which is ideal for silky blouse-weights and cotton shirtings as well as knits!

    Want a bit more?

    Learn to Sew a Shirt or Blouse Techniques & Tips Video Sampler

    Video Class Instructor: Marta Alto

    Marta Alto - Sewing Instructor & Author - Palmer Pletsch Digital

    Marta Alto’s sewing experience stems from her study of home economics at Oregon State University, combined with several seasons sewing costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Marta is co-author with Pati Palmer of The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting, Pants for Real People, and Jackets for Real People. She stars in most Palmer/Pletsch DVDs. During the past 30 years she has taught sewing throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. See our workshop pages for the four-day Fit workshops Marta teaches.


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