Fit and Sew Custom Jeans • Helen Bartley [Flipbook]


Classic and Creative Sewing Techniques for Modern Patterns

There is nothing like wearing your own custom fit and sewn jeans! Start with a style you like and use this book by author and certified sewing instructor Helen Bartley to create a pair of jeans that fits your unique body and your unique style. 243 Pages • Flipbook Edition

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Over 1,200 illustrated techniques and photos!

Sewing jeans is a process. It takes time to sew all the details, but they are not hard.

In Fit and Sew Custom Jeans, Helen Bartley has come up with a method that integrates fit at every step. Does it take a little more time? Yes, but you’ll love that it is YOUR fit. Don’t worry if you can’t describe the fit you want because Helen includes a Personal Jeans Profile worksheet to help you figure it out. And with Helen’s sewing order and some basting you’ll have chances to change the fit as you sew! Even then, it may take wearing your first pair and deciding what you’d change for your next pair.

Relax. Enjoy the process of creating amazing jeans!

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Learn all about...

  • Choosing jeans materials and tools.
  • Determining your best pattern size.
  • Fitting the pattern to your unique shape.
  • Step-by-step construction order that includes fly front, pockets, seams, waistband, topstitching, bartacking, and hems PLUS when and where to fit as you sew.
  • Customizing with unique stitching and hardware.
  • Once you perfect traditional jeans, try Helen’s creative modifications for button fly fronts, welt and trouser pockets, waistband variations and changing up your bottom line with a tulip hem or ankle zips.
  • Fit and Sew Custom Jeans is...

    Choosing the right pattern size.

    Tissue-fit Jeans & Alter Jeans pattern.

    Seam finishes for Jeans & Topstitching for jeans.

    Wrinkles show jean alterations.

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    Sewing jeans, pressing jeans, & topstitching jeans.

    Sew a hidden button placket for jeans.

    Sew pull-on jeans.

    Design Ideas for Jeans & Sewing tulip hem jeans.

    What they are saying...

    About the Author - Helen Bartley

    Helen Bartley is a lifelong student of sewing, and her empathetic teaching style is all the better for it. Helen learned sewing at age 6 at her mother’s knee and studied clothing construction and textiles at Eastern Washington University…


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