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Full Busted? Sew Clothes That Fit! (Digital Edition)


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Full-busted women buy oversized clothes so they can button the front. Now you can buy patterns to fit your upper chest, neck, and shoulders and easily learn to alter the front to fit your C, D, DD, or larger cup size. This two-hour video could forever change your appearance!

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Full Busted? Sew Clothes that Fit! - A Peek Inside the Video

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2 Hours, English Language • 6 Videos + 4 PDFs

Learn to Fit YOUR Body!

One of the most frequent questions that comes up in Palmer Pletsch Workshops is how to fit a variety of bust lines and figures so that clothes look great on a variety of figures.  Marta Alto has taken the most commonly asked questions about Full Bust Fitting and answered them in this video workshop.

Full-busted women buy oversized clothes so they can button the front. The shoulder and neck areas end up too wide. This in-depth course shows you how to buy the right size pattern and alter it to fit your full bust. Start with a simple darted-front top then learn to alter princess styles.

For other alterations, such as for sleeve and back, watch our on-line fit video, Fit for Real People Basics. It also covers full bust, but in less depth than this class. However, you may want to watch it first in order to get an overview of tissue-fitting.

Full Bust Fitting

Fitting Plus Sizes

Designing by Moving Darts

Make Sewing Patterns Fit

This video class begins with sewing supplies required, including Perfect Pattern Paper and other supplies. Marta provides a detailed explanation of everything you will need as well as how to alter the sewing pattern and how to work with real people in proper fitting of the patterns to their body.

A variety of full bust pattern styles are offered on several live models as Marta provides tips and tricks to get the best results.

Close-up fitting demonstrations of modifying standard clothing patterns to suit a variety of bust and figure sizes is presented in this 2-hour sewing pattern tutorial now available for watching online and download to your computer or tablet.

"Full Busted? Sew Clothes that Fit" is...


• Alteration Tools
• Buy the Right Size Pattern
• Prepare the Pattern
• Try On the Tissue
• Altering a Darted Front
• Sewing Bust Darts
• Pin-Fit in Fabric
• Lower a Bust Dart the Easy Way


• Cut-on Sleeves
• Top and Skirt with a Twist


• Transfer Darts into Pleats
• Move Darts Anywhere!


• Allyce in Three Styles
• Eileen in Side-panel Jacket: The “Y” Dart
• Sandy in Princess Jacket: Shoulder Princess & Armhole Princess
• More Style Challenges
• What Not to Forget!

"The Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method"

Learn how you vary from a standardized pattern and alter the tissue to fit you using the Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Method. After watching Pati and Marta at work, you’ll be able to customize patterns so your handmade garments look and feel awesome.

'Fitting a Princess Jacket'

Video Class Instructor: Marta Alto

Marta Alto - Sewing Instructor & Author - Palmer Pletsch Digital

Marta Alto’s sewing experience stems from her study of home economics at Oregon State University, combined with several seasons sewing costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Marta is co-author with Pati Palmer of The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting, Pants for Real People, and Jackets for Real People. She stars in most Palmer/Pletsch DVDs. During the past 30 years she has taught sewing throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. See our workshop pages for the four-day Fit workshops Marta teaches.


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