Jackets for Real People • Marta Alto, Susan Neall & Pati Palmer [Flipbook]



Jackets for Real People offers step-by-step instruction on jacket construction – from pattern and fabric selection to final fitting and hemming. Includes 900+ color photos and illustrations, demonstrating the fitting process on models of various ages, sizes, and shapes.

Sewing Jackets is Easier than Ever with Jackets for Real People

No garment gives an outfit that “put together” look quite as well as an attractive jacket that fits well. With a variety of jackets in your wardrobe and only a few good basic pants and skirts, you can be well-dressed for any occasion. Today, creating your own jacket wardrobe is easier than ever, thanks to updated sewing methods—and
a new book, Jackets for Real People, by Marta Alto, Susan Neall, and Pati Palmer.

Although the book’s subtitle is “Tailoring Made Easy,” the authors emphasize that sewing jackets today bears little resemblance to using the complex tailoring methods of yesteryear. With the latest fusible interfacings, anyone can sew a jacket in the “Armani style,” says Palmer. Another technique that sets this book apart is the
ready-to-wear technique of applying the jacket lining entirely by machine (although the book also details other lining methods).

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What makes a jacket tailored?

“Tailoring” is a method of sewing that makes a garment more durable than traditional dressmaking. It generally applies to coats and jackets. “Tailored” can also refer to a “man-tailored” fashion look with crisp  details, masculine fabrics, and men’s suit styling.

A blazer, which we define as a jacket that has a lapel, rolled collar, and a straight, uncuffed sleeve, contains virtually all of the traditional techniques that set tailoring apart from dressmaking.

In this flipbook, we are going to teach you only the newest,
easiest jacket techniques. WHY? Because they work! 

Some of you will gain an appreciation of what you missed from previous instruction or techniques.  For those who want a “custom tailored look”, we will describe hand stitches used in custom tailoring, some of which are used even with today’s faster methods.

Ready to see a bit more? Take the flipbook for a spin!

Learn all about...

• Selecting Patterns for Jackets

• Choosing and Shaping Fabrics

• Notions for Jacket Sewing

• Pressing & Seam Finishes

• How to Fit a Jacket Pattern

• Fitting as you Sew

• Cutting, Marking & Interfacing

• Sew and Press Darts & Seams

• Double-Welt Pockets

• Sleeves, Shoulder Pads & Chest Pads

• Sewing Back and Under Collar

Jackets for Real People is...

Tissue-fit a Jacket Pattern

Jacket interfacing test sample

Bagging a Jacket Lining

Sewing back stay for a jacket

Sewing a double-welt pocket

Includes pattern and fabric selection, a pattern alteration guide, fitting on real people, the latest on fusible interfacings, cutting and marking tips, bound and machine buttonholes, a NO-FAIL welt pocket, “bagging a lining”, easy mitered vents, and much more, plus finishing touches such as topstitching and piping.

With this book and the latest fusible interfacings, anyone can sew a jacket!

Pati invited her 19-year old daughter, Melissa, to sew her first jacket using the book Jackets for Real People as her guide.  Years later Pati would write a blog article about how fun it was to sew a blazer jacket made with Melissa’s pattern for McCall’s Sewing Company!  Melissa’s finished jacket pattern and the book are a testament to how easy “tailoring” has become.

The book guides readers step-by-step through jacket construction, from pattern and fabric selection through final fitting and hemming. Along the way, it includes more than 900 color photos and illustrations. It also demonstrates the fitting process on four “real people” models of various ages, sizes, and shapes.

Pati Palmer models a jacket she made with her daughter Melissa’s pattern M7818 for McCall’s Sewing Company. From the Palmer Pletsch Blog.

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What they are saying...

About the Authors - Marta Alto, Susan Neall & Pati Palmer


Marta Alto

Marta’s career as a sewing expert started when she sewed costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.  That led to a job at San Francisco State University teaching drama students how to sew costumes…


Susan Neall

Sue’s lifelong passion for sewing started from the cradle with a mother who was a patternmaker and grader and three equally gifted aunts, all involved in Australia’s growing apparel manufacturing industry…


Pati Palmer

Pati Palmer is co-founder of Palmer/Pletsch, a sewing education company that produces sewing books, videos, and sewing notions. She is author and publisher of award-winning sewing books…

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