Knits for Real People • Susan Neall & Pati Palmer [Flipbook]


Winner of the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Silver Award in the 2019 “Craft & Hobby, Home & Garden” book category.

Achieve a custom fit on any pattern with The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting. Learn bodice and skirt pattern fitting, pattern alterations, and how to get a custom fit on any pattern! 259 pages, full color. 100’s of examples and photos. Digital Edition (Flipbook)

Knits for Real People is a welcome addition to any sewist's library!

Knits for Real People is the book you’ve been waiting for! Clear instructions with lots of photos and great tips give real-time sewers everything they want to know about working with knits.

Everything sewers want to know, plus more that every stitcher will love knowing. Pati and Sue remove the mystery and trepidation that knits have been known to cause with solid knowledge of fabric, fit, technique, and creativity. Easy to read, easy to reference, and easy on the eyes, Knits for Real People keeps working with knits easy.

– Katherine Tilton, Designer for Butterick & Vogue Pattern Company.

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There is no need to fear sewing Knits!

There may have been a time when you feared wovens, possibly when you were learning to sew. Wovens can be thick or thin; shiny or dull; slippery or stiff; stable or stretchy. It is the same with today’s knits. They include stretchy jersey and stable ponte. There are open mesh knits and knits with ribs. Popular interlocks are made from many fibers including polyester, nylon, rayon, cotton, acrylic, bamboo, lyocell, spandex, and any blend of these.

In knit fashions today, a simple T-shirt might be made in a polyester
print instead of a cotton. A knit top may have fashion details like a cowl
neckline, a wrap front, or pleats and gathers as well as many interesting fashion details. There are solids and prints and we are combining them for creativity.

The newest rage is to get creative in your knit sewing as you will see in the book Knits for Real People. Knits are a perfect canvas since they are easy to work with and easy to fit.

Ready to see a bit more? Take the flipbook for a spin!

This essential guide to sewing knits covers:

  • Creative Ideas for Knit Garments
  • Understanding Knit fabric types, construction and care
  • Buy the Right Size Knit Pattern & Tissue Fitting Knits
  • Pattern Layout, Pinning, Cutting, Marking and Matching Stripes
  • Neck & Edge Finishes and Sewing Sleeves
  • Hems for Knit Fashions
  • Creating Serging on Knits, Piping & Peepers
  • Knit Pants and Knit Leggings
  • Knit Swimsuits and Knit Leotards
  • Knits for Real People is...

    Measuring Knits for Size & Tissue-fitting Knits

    Full-bust adjustment for tee shirts

    Disappearing Darts in Knits

    Stabilizing Knits with Fusible Stay Tape

    Sewing Knits with Serger Differential Feed

    Exposed Zippers in Knits

    Fitting and Sewing Knit Pants and Leggings

    Elastic waistlines for knit pants and skirts

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    About the Authors - Susan Neall & Pati Palmer


    Susan Neall

    Sue’s lifelong passion for sewing started from the cradle with a mother who was a patternmaker and grader and three equally gifted aunts, all involved in Australia’s growing apparel manufacturing industry…


    Pati Palmer

    Pati Palmer is co-founder of Palmer/Pletsch, a sewing education company that produces sewing books, videos, and sewing notions. She is author and publisher of award-winning sewing books…


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