Lern to Sew Level Four Video

Learn to Sew with Janet Corzatt – Level Four (Digital Edition)


Janet Corzatt has developed a series of four levels of sewing instruction geared toward the beginner, covering all the basics to help you start sewing on your own, with a sewing project for each of the first three levels. In this Level Four—EZB— you’ll learn additional sewing techniques.

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Learn to Sew Level Four - Video Class Sampler

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1.3 Hours, English Language • 11 Videos + 4 PDFs

Learn to Sew with Janet Corzatt in this Level Four workshop!

Watch this sampler video with excerpts from Level Four of the “Learn to Sew with Janet Corzatt” beginners sewing program. The previous three levels include these three projects:

  • LEVEL ONE: Learn to Sew an Apron
  • LEVEL TWO: Learn to Sew a kimono-style robe
  • LEVEL THREE: Learn to Sew two-piece pajamas.


In LEVEL FOUR additional sewing techniques are introduced. 

After you’ve completed these four levels, you may want to sew the same garments again in different fabrics for yourself or someone you care about!

Janet Corzatt introduces Level Four of her Learn to Sew course.

Learn Beginning Sewing Techniques

sewing an elastic casing

How-To Sew Elastic Casing Waistbands

Learn to sew a centered zipper

Sewing Centered Zippers, Lapped Zippers and Fly Front Zippers

lining a patch pocket

How-to Sew & Line Patch Pockets

In this level you’ll learn how to sew zippers, elastic, buttonholes, and much more. These are the skills you will use over and over. NOTE: Some of these techniques are used in the pajamas in Level Three. Making the samples here will refresh your memory and give you more practice.

Here’s what you’ll find in this LEVEL FOUR video:

• Elastic in a Casing • Stitched-On Elastic
• Sew-As-You-Go Elastic Casing
• Centered Zipper • Lapped Zipper
• Fly Front Zipper • French Trim
• Ribbed Cuff • Lined Patch Pocket
• Buttonholes & Buttons

Class Handouts

Printable PDFs include notebook pages with your supply list and techniques, plus templates for a pocket and a fly front zipper. Sew and then attach a sample for each technique to the notebook pages for future reference. 

Learn to Sew Level Four handouts
A menu to the Level Four video

Video Menu

The video menu PDF for this level provides time code information so you can select exactly the technique you want to focus on, or revisit.

The "Learn to Sew with Janet Corzatt" Beginning Sewing Method from Palmer/Pletsch includes four videos with accompanying handouts.

At last, a beginner sewing method, created by Janet Corzatt for Palmer/Pletsch. Learn the sewing techniques that will enable you to sew what you want to sew. Learn skills, not just projects. Compile your own sample notebook that will help you understand “sewing language” when you work with patterns, then see how those skills are applied to real garments. This series of four levels is geared toward the beginner, covering all the basics to get you on your way to sewing on your own. Step-by-step pattern instructions guide you through the construction of an apron, a kimono-style robe, and two-piece pajamas. You’ll also learn how to sew zippers, elastic, buttonholes, and much more. Just think of the possibilities! This course will help you become a Real Sewist! 

Learn to Sew Level 1: Sew an Apron for a Child or Adult

Learn to Sew Level 2: Make a Kimono Robe

Learn to Sew Level 3: Make PJ's — Pant & Shirt

Learn to Sew Level 4: Eleven New Skills + More Samples

Your Class Instructor: Janet Corzatt

Janet Corzatt, creator of the Learn to Sew program for beginners

Janet Corzatt has been teaching beginners to sew since 1996. Her background in education plus many years’ experience in the fabric and sewing industry have come together in a sewing curriculum that will enlighten and inspire. An excellent teacher, Janet always gives you the hows and whys. Since 2000 she has also been training sewing teachers from around the world in how to use her sewing program to teach beginning sewing enthusiasts. And even these already-skilled sewists learn new methods from Janet. The techniques you learn here will open up the world of sewing and get you started on your way to expressing your own creativity through your newfound skills.

Additional Resources:

The book Mother Pletsch’s Painless Sewing by Pati Palmer and Susan Pletsch is not necessary for the class, but it explains the whys of a lot of basic fabric, fitting, and sewing techniques and is full of cartoons that make it fun to read. Also read your pattern guidesheet.

If you want to expand your sewing skills, fitting is a logical next step. These two Palmer/Pletsch books can help. Find them at palmerpletsch.com.

The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting Learn how to tissue-fit and make alterations for any fit issue. The book also includes a chapter on sewing techniques that affect fit.

Pants for Real People teaches not only fitting and sewing pants, but also includes many different pockets, zippers, waistbands, and design ideas.

See other video classes about fit and sewing details from Palmer/Pletsch. In the video It’s in the Details you will see more zipper techniques; more on sewing, fitting, and pressing darts; a welt pocket; Hong Kong seam finish; six new hem techniques; covered snaps; and more. Check it out at palmerpletschdigital.com.


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