Looking Good…every day • Nancy Nix-Rice [Flipbook]


Looking Good . . . Every Day helps women  of all ages, sizes and ethnicities determine exactly which clothes and accessories will showcase their unique beauty. Choose wardrobe additions in a way that everything in your closet will work together. Have more outfits from fewer garments — without increasing your budget! 211 pages, fully illustrated, Digital (Flipbook) Edition.

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Looking Good...every day - available in flipbook!

If you have a closet full of clothes but “nothing to wear,” this book will change all that. It will help you get your clothes, accessories, and makeup to connect to every aspect of YOU—including your lifestyle.

When you understand what works for you, it’s easy to start looking good … every day!

Originally in print edition only, now available with immediate access in our digital flipbook edition!

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Put your wardrobe together with 'The Capsule Concept'

There is no one formula for putting a capsule together, but here are some guidelines:

  • Solid color pieces mix more readily than patterned ones.
  • A few print pieces can be links connecting the solids into combinations.
  • Simple, untrimmed styles are the most versatile, and their classic lines won’t look out of style next year.
  • Year-round or season-spanning fabrics give you the most use. This is admittedly easier to accomplish in some climates than others.
  • No two items in a capsule should be the same style. 
  • Let go of any idea that everything has to go with everything.
  • Every item should be in your most flattering colors and shapes.
  • Building a capsule means building on what you already own to create groups of 5-12 related pieces that can be worn in a multitude of combinations.

    Ready to see a bit more? Take the flipbook for a spin!

    Looking Good…Every Day features makeovers of women of many ages, sizes, ethnicities, and professions. This book is for everyone! 

    Learn all about...

  • Defining your unique style personality
  • Creating a personal “body map” to define your silhouette
  • Pinpointing your most flattering color choices
  • Diving in to clean out and organize the clothes you have
  • Recognizing what doesn’t work, and learning to say goodbye!
  • Identifying clothes worth keeping, and how to make them worth wearing
  • Learning sanity-saving shopping strategies for any budget
  • Use “Points of Connection” to find your best makeup, hairstyles, skin care, and eyeglasses
  • Recognize the best lines and designs for your silhouette
  • Choose colors that spotlight your unique beauty
  • Link unexpected color combinations into stunning outfits
  • Pack easily and quickly to travel in style
  • Looking Good...every day is...

    Dress for YOUR Lifestyle

    Casual Make-up & Glamour Make-up

    Combining Wardrobe Colors for greater effect

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    Hair Styles & Hair Colors to compliment you!

    Wardrobes to enhance your shape and body

    Combining Colors for greater interest

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    About the Author - Nancy Nix-Rice

    Since 1989, Nancy Nix-Rice has transformed women’s lives by transforming the contents of their closets. Looking Good Every Day provides…


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