Pants for Real People • Pati Palmer & Marta Alto [Flipbook]


With just the hip measurement and the help of the book Pants for REAL People, women of all sizes, shapes, and ages can try on the tissue-paper pattern to see how to fit the pants they sew. Learn pants ’tissue-fitting’ — a technique devised and perfected by Palmer/Pletsch over four decades of hands-on teaching, has never before appeared in print for pants. 192 pages, full color, digital (flipbook) edition.

Pants for Real available as flipbook!

Pants for Real People is the most complete and innovative book ever written on fitting and sewing pants — and it’s available for immediate access in this digital flipbook edition!

Written by sewing pattern designers and sewing instructors Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, Pants for Real People is clear and easy to understand, with over 850 illustrations and 250 photographs of REAL people being fitted in pants.

Learn how to sew 18 different types of pockets, 15 different types of waistline treatments, as well as sewing and fitting many types of pants,  including: pleated trousers, pull-on, men’s, no-side seam, jeans, men’s pants, maternity, jumpsuits and easy design ideas.

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New and Revised for 2019!

This is the updated Second Edition of Pants for Real People

Newly released with many updates throughout for 2019, it includes additional instructions and illustrations based upon some of the questions and requests we have had over the years. For example, you will find many new things in the Fit-As-You-Sew / Crotch Oddities section of the book. We like to call it advanced crotch fitting and fine-tuning. We’ve also added new information to the chapters on zippers and waistbands. We like to improve!

As lifelong sewing enthusiasts, we constantly learn while teaching pant fitting and sewing. Our students often face new challenges and we need to find new solutions. We listen. If a student isn’t understanding what we’ve written, we need to find a better way to say it. Pants for Real People is a great example of listening to YOU to get you that perfect fit!

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After using Pants for Real People with our students for nearly a decade, we have updated and revised the entire book with these great new features:

  • New step-by-step order for tissue-fitting. Our students tell us it’s now easier than ever!
  • New jeans sewing order for faster results when using BOTH topstitching and regular threads and the serger.
  • Expanded information on contour waistbands. Get the curve of the band just right for YOUR body. Match contour band seams at zipper opening.
  • The latest updates about fabrics for pants.
  • Page numbers added to the Body Map fit chart for easy reference.
  • More on no-side-seam pants.

We learn as we teach, so Palmer/Pletsch books keep getting better and better! Stay up to date with the latest tried-and-tested information available!

Pants for Real People is...

Buy the Right Size Pant Pattern

Tissue-Fit Pants and Tissue-fit Jeans

Lapped zippers & Fly front Zippers

How to Sew Pleated Trousers

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Tissue-Fit a Contour Band

How to make a Zipper Welt Pocket

Pocket Designs for Jeans & Bias Jeans

Easy Non-roll Waistband Interfacing

What they are saying...

About the Authors - Pati Palmer & Marta Alto

Pati Palmer

Pati Palmer is co-founder of Palmer/Pletsch, a sewing education company that produces sewing books, videos, and sewing notions. She is author and publisher of award-winning sewing books…

Marta Alto

Marta’s career as a sewing expert started when she sewed costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.  That led to a job at SF State University teaching drama students how to sew costumes…


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