Success with Fusible Interfacings video

Success With Fusible Interfacings (Digital Edition)


The Latest Interfacing Solutions for Professional Garment Shaping PLUS Non-Roll Waistbands & PerfectSew Liquid Stabilizer

featuring Marta Alto

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Tired of struggling to fuse interfacing to jackets and other sewing projects? Marta Alto simplifies interfacing decision making in this expanded DVD video. Learn how to: choose the right interfacing, make a test sample, fuse properly, cut fusibles, and keep your ironing surface adhesive-free. (48 mins)

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Fusible Interfacing: A Peek inside the Video Class

The Joy of Fusible Interfacing

What can we make with fusible interfacing?  How do we use fusible interfacings in our sewing and garment project?

Follow along as Marta Alto demonstrates the joy of working with Fusible Interfacing from A-Z in this video class from Palmer Pletsch.  Step by step instructions including the full range of fusible products available from our main shop store. 

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0.75 Hours, English Language • 3 Videos + 3 PDFs

Marta Alto and Pati Palmer have been using and testing fusible interfacings since the 1970s. Pati worked for an interfacing manufacturer that developed the first fusible. The team has pioneered interfacing education. Frustrated by the confusion of so many interfacing choices, they spent four years finding simple solutions. Their line of PerfectFuse™ interfacings is featured in this video. 

"Success with Fusible Interfacings" is...


• Prepare your Fusible Interfacing
• Working with Fusible Interfacing: Fabric Testing
• Test Interfacings on Fabric

Working with Fusible Interfacing

• Cutting-Marking-Fusing Fusible Interfacing
• Steam-shrinking Before Fusing Interfacing
• Iron Fusible Interfacings
• Slippery Fabrics and Fusible Interfacings
• Grain Direction and Cutting Interfacings
• Cutting Collar Interfacings: Cut and Slide Technique
• Fusing a Collar with Interfacing
• Cutting and Interfacing a Jacket Front
• Where to Interface

Finishes for Fused Facings

• Non-Roll Waistbands
• Finishes for Fused Facings

PerfectSew Stabilizer

• Perfect Waistbands
• PerfectSew Liquid Stabilizer
• More Stabilizer Garment Project Ideas

Bonus Class Materials: Palmer/Pletsch Guides to PerfectFuse Interfacings and PerfectSew Products

PerfectFuse fusible interfacings from Palmer Pletsch come in a variety of weights and weaves.  This 5-page detailed guide will assist you in understanding which fusing to buy and where and how to use them in your projects.

PerfectSew penetrates fabric to stiffen it for a multitude of sewing projects, including machine embroidery!  It is the only patented water-soluble product for penetrating fabric to stiffen it for sewing.

Video Class Instructor: Marta Alto

Marta Alto - Sewing Instructor & Author - Palmer Pletsch Digital

Marta Alto’s sewing experience stems from her study of home economics at Oregon State University, combined with several seasons sewing costumes for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Marta is co-author with Pati Palmer of The Palmer/Pletsch Complete Guide to Fitting, Pants for Real People, and Jackets for Real People. She stars in most Palmer/Pletsch DVDs. During the past 30 years she has taught sewing throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. See our workshop pages for the four-day Fit workshops Marta teaches.

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